Friday, May 6, 2011

Considerations For Educators of Students With ACC

“Considerations For Educators of Students With ACC”:

Mr. McCallum wrote this document. He is a teacher
who taught a child with Agenesis of the Corpus
Callosum in his classroom. He offers detailed and
valuable information.

If you would like to receive a copy of
“Considerations For Educators of Students With ACC”
sent to your e-mail please send me an E-Mail request.

In your e-mail it is helpful to know if you are
a parent or a teacher requesting the information.


  1. I will be teaching a child with ACC. This is a new experience for me, but I am looking forward to it. Luckly I have been teaching in a Montessori school for the past 17 years and I feel all the hands on will be very beneficial. Mrs. Michelle

  2. Michelle,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I was thrilled to see and read all that you shared. You won't believe this but I am actually sitting here right now with Montessori websites open on several browsers and I have been considering doing an ACC blog post on Montessori teaching methods and activities for kids. So when YOUR comment came in, I was so excited to read that you have been a Montessori teacher for 17 years and that you will be teaching a child with ACC. What a wonderful experience it will be for both you and the child in your class.

    There are other parents who have a child with ACC (in the ACC support group that I belong to) who mention that their child either attends a Montessori School or that they would like to have their child attend a Montessori School.

    I'm not sure if you are requesting (or would like) a copy of the ACC teaching document titled: "Considerations For Educators of Students with ACC". I would be happy to send it to you, however, I have no e-mail contact for you.

    Please feel free to e-mail me. It would be a pleasure to correspond with you.

    I hope that you have a positively wonderful, educational and fun school year with all of the students.


  3. thank you thank you thank you! for putting up this website and all information included, My son was diagnosed in utero, he was born in 1999, information has been very limited, and that was frustrating for me and for the schools! thank you again

  4. Dear Anonymous, (from August 26, 2011)

    Thank you so much for your very nice comment. I am so glad that the website
    and information is useful for you.

    Thank you also for sharing a little bit about your son, who has ACC. I hope that he is doing really well. I also hope that things are going well for him in school.

    If you would like any information about ACC (or if you may want to have a copy of the ACC teaching document--together with other information pertaining to ACC and teaching),
    please e-mail me and I would be happy to send it to you (via e-mail) for yourself and possibly for your son's teachers at school.

    Again, thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. It was so nice of you.



  5. Hi friends. I have a 3 year old daughter with total ACC and we live in Brazil. She is very smart, but has taken longer than the other kids to sit up, crawl and walk (19 months). We are left pretty much in the dark about acc, so it´s great to find this website. I intend to read every available material. Right now she is in pre K, but the teachers are not prepared to deal with her at all. I would like to receive the “Considerations For Educators of Students With ACC” document. My email is
    Rodrigo de Paula

  6. I have a 4 year old daughter called Olivia with total ACC, she was diagnosed when she was born. We live in Uruguay and available information has been so limited. I wish I had found this website sooner. Olivia is doing well, although always a little behind her peers. She plays and integrates with her friends but almost in a passive way, finding it difficult to speak spontaneously.I have learned social language is a very complex task for them, and I am willing to help her feel confident. I am very interested in receiving the "Considerations For Educators of Students With ACC" so I can also help her teachers understand her condition. My email is Thank you so much, Karina and Javier

  7. My son has complete agenesis of his corpus. He is on 2 different seizures medications and still having break through seizures. His neurologist said it shouldn't be happening since someone who has complete agenesis shouldn't get seizures because the hemispheres are not connected. He also has athrogryposis, has anyone else dealt with this? Patty B

  8. Dear Patty "Anonymous on 2-18-2016"

    Thank you for all that you shared about your 2 year old son who has complete ACC. I am sorry to hear that he is having seizures and despite being on two seizure medications, is still having breakthrough seizures. With all due respect to your child's neurologist, please know that yes there are other children who also have ACC (either completely missing or partially missing) that also have seizures. My own son is completely missing his corpus callosum and he had some seizures "febrile" when he was little. I have been involved in ACC support groups for years, since my son was 3 years old and he is 22 years old now - and I can tell you that it is definitely possible to have seizures even though the corpus callosum is completely missing. My child's neurologist explained to me that anytime a person has a brain "anomaly" (something different with their brain) they are at risk for developing seizures.

    If you aren't already involved in an ACC support group online, I would like to suggest that you consider posting your comment in the largest ACC online support group (The ACC Listserv) where you will get in contact with hundreds of other parents from all over the world who have a child with ACC.

    It is my hope and prayer that your son's seizures will soon be controlled.



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