Monday, May 11, 2009


I Welcome YOU and thank you for taking the time
to visit.

I’m Sandie…Matthew’s Mom. Matthew was
diagnosed with complete Agenesis of the
Corpus Callosum when he was four months
old by a CT scan. Matthew is 15 years
old and he continues to make progress,
learn and still surprises me all
the time with what he accomplishes!!

It is my desire to create a site that offers
positive information, teaching tools and a place
where other people can post comments and give
their own valuable and insightful information
in an effort to help others.

Your input is meaningful, helpful and valued
by readers. I’m just one mom offering my own
thoughts based on my personal experience with
my own child who has ACC.

I welcome, invite and encourage input from the
readers because each one of you has unique and
wonderful information of your own to offer so
feel free to explore the pages, click on the
“comments” at the bottom of the posts and read
what others have to say and please go ahead
and post your own “comments” anytime you may
wish to share YOUR thoughts, ideas, experiences,
stories, feelings, questions, concerns, resources,
joys…or whatever it is you may want to share.

While you are reading the pages you will notice
(at the bottom of each story/post) the word
“Labels:” and after “Labels:” you will see
various highlighted words such as “ACC & Education”
or “Therapy”, etc. If you click on the
different Label topics it will take you to
one page with ALL of the postings for that
particular topic for you to view. In addition,
there is a complete list of Labels on the
upper right-hand side of the page.

If you have any questions or suggestions or if you would like to make a comment in private, please
e-mail me
anytime. I enjoy hearing from you.

The beginning blog entry can be found at
Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum
and will provide some additional links about ACC.

Thank you.


  1. Thank you for creating this blog. My family is just beginning our journey with ACC. Our daughter was diagnosed with c-Acc at birth and resources like this blog are helping us understand a little bit more about it!

  2. Julie,

    You're welcome. Thank you for your very nice comment.

    If you have any questions, would like more information or may want to get in touch with other parents who have a child with ACC through e-mail support groups please feel free to E-mail me:


  3. Sandie,
    I just happened upon your blog, was putting in some search terms for ACC and found it. Thanks very much for creating it. My child with ACC is 17 and we homeschool also. It's nice to hear about someone else who does. A couple of years ago when they did a survey of children with ACC they mentioned that only about 8% of children with ACC are homeschooled. i wonder if they realized that that 8% is probably three to four times the national average. Thanks so much for a very informative blog!

  4. Dear Homeschooling Mom of a 17 year old,

    It is so good to receive a note from you. Thank you very much for taking time to leave a comment and also for the nice things you wrote. I'm so glad that you find the blog informative. I began homeschooling Matthew when he was 13 years old (at the beginning of his 8th grade special needs class). I hope that your child is doing well. It's not often that I hear from another mom who has a child with ACC who homeschools. It was a pleasure to hear from you.


  5. hi, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and our baby has been diagnosed with ACC since having an mri scan. We are not sure what affect this will have on him and what the future holds. We know that he might need a brain op to drain the excess fluid off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Dear Anonymous from January 28, 2014,

    Thank you for your message and for the things that you shared about your precious baby boy who you are carrying. My heart goes out to you with the recent news that you received and the many emotions that you are experiencing. I would be happy to send you information about ACC. Please contact me through e-mail so I can get the info to you.


    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your baby boy who will soon be born.


    Mom to 20 year old Matthew with complete ACC


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