Thursday, April 30, 2009

Music Therapy Songs - Listen and Learn Music

Listen and Learn Music

I homeschool my child, Matthew. He spent his kindergarten year in a private Christian pre-school and I stayed as his aide. He was enrolled in public school for grades 1 through 7 in a special education classroom but was mainstreamed 50% of his day with an aide for appropriate activities. I removed Matthew from public school at the beginning of his 8th grade year and made the choice to homeschool him. I have been homeschooling Matthew now for the past two years.

Matthew loves music. He learns more easily through music and songs that teach. I have sung silly made-up songs that rhyme to him since he was a baby to help him learn body parts and other things.

When I began homeschooling Matthew I wanted to be sure to incorporate music into his homeschool time and hoped to have music therapy included as part of his music and learning.

I was absolutely thrilled when I found Listen and Learn Music. The website was created by Board-Certified Music Therapist, Rachel Rambach. She offers the opportunity to listen to full length songs and to sing a variety of learning songs at no charge with your child that are so much fun. She will even personalize hello, good-bye and birthday songs and she will create a custom CD with ten of your child's favorite songs for $10.00. I have purchased two custom CDs for Matthew and they are wonderful! I highly recommend exploring Listen and Learn Music with your child.

I wish that Rachel was Matthew's Music Therapist but we live in Oregon and Rachel works full-time as the Music Therapist at Hope Institute in Springfield, Illinois. She also has a part-time private music therapy practice called Music Therapy Connections. If you're looking for a music therapist and you live in or near Springfield, Illinois I would encourage you to explore her website and e-mail Rachel for more information.

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