Saturday, February 13, 2010


I do my best
I try so hard
see what I can do
a smiling face
so big
so proud
showing something new

Each and every child
unique in their own way
has bright and shining moments
each and every day

Take the time
to nourish them
their spirit and their soul
speak blessings
and encourage them
for love is the true goal.

© 2010 written by Sandie L. Davis


  1. So sweet! My 3 year old son has P-ACC and a slew of other things. He is pretty special!

  2. This is so fabulous. Do you care if I share it on the kidz blog ( Just let me know

  3. Tara, Thank you for your very nice comment
    and for your interest in sharing the poem on
    the kidz blog. I am touched and honored. I find your kidz blog to be full of inspiration and wonderful information. What a beautiful place you created to help others. I will send you an e-mail response.


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