Monday, March 22, 2010

iPhone/iPod Touch Augmentative Communication


What's Proloquo2Go?

That's what I thought when I started hearing about
a new application for augmentative communication
available through an 'itunes App' that works with the
iPod Touch and iPhone.

What sparked my interest in Proloquo2Go is the fact
that the communication application downloads to a
device (iPhone or iPod Touch) that is so portable
and can easily go with you anywhere.

Hence, my child, Matthew, who has Agenesis of the
Corpus Callosum, and who is non-verbal can now take
his very cool iPod Touch with him anywhere he
goes and use it to 'talk'.

We explored whether or not to buy the iPod Touch
or the iPhone but in the end it came down to I
don't need another cell phone and Matthew doesn't
use cell phones. For Matthew, we chose the
iPod Touch 3rd generation 32 GB. This way we don't
end up having a monthly cell phone bill and he won't
mess with dialing phone numbers to who knows

Oh, we still have our large communication device
that Matthew uses at home that cost nearly $8,000
and we love it.

But, now we have solved the disappointment that
I had with the large communication device not
being functional for carrying around with him or
taking easily outside of our home.

After all, when someone is non-verbal and they
use an augmentative communication device to help
express themselves...that device should go easily
and effortlessly with them anywhere just like
anyone else who does have a 'voice', I think.

As for the cost of's a fabulous
$189.99! This is an affordable way to give our
child, Matthew, a voice and allow him to have his
voice with him anywhere he goes.

When you use the iPod Touch and Proloquo2Go
you will want to buy an external speaker for it.
Even though our iPod Touch has a built-in speaker
it is too quiet to hear it well, even at the maximum
volume level. If you were out in public or in a busy
restaurant you would not be able to hear the device.

We chose to buy the iMainGo2 external speakers
for Matthew because it comes with a zippered
case that protects the iPod Touch. The front of the
iPod Touch is seen but covered with clear plastic to
protect the screen.

Front view of iMainGo2 speaker system and case:

Back view of iMainGo2 speaker system and case:

CNET review for iMainGo2 speaker system and case

Want a better idea of what Proloquo2Go augmentative
communication has to offer?

Check out a few of their tutorial videos:

Proloquo2Go, we think you're pretty terrific!!

Thank you Proloquo2Go for making it possible for
my child who has Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum
and who is non-verbal to have a voice with him
everywhere he goes and for making it at a cost that
is affordable.

Have you been considering getting an augmentative
communication for your iPhone or iPod Touch?

I encourage you to explore Proloquo2Go and see
if it may be an option for your child who would
benefit from an easy and very portable augmentative
communication device that is ultra cool for a kid
to carry and use.

Below are some of the links that I used while
exploring to help you get started on your own
exploration of Proloquo2Go:

TUAW Proloquo2Go Review

About Proloquo2Go

Proloquo2Go Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Proloquo2Go Manual

Proloquo2Go on Facebook Questions and Answers Reviews

iPod Touch in the News-helps autistic kids learn to speak, communicate

Talk to your child's Speech and Language Pathologist
(SLP) to see if Proloquo2Go might be an option for your
child's particular needs and abilities. The SLP may
even have a copy of Proloquo2Go so that your child
would be able to try it out during a therapy session.

Please be aware that there are resource centers
available in some states that may be able to loan
Proloquo2Go for your child to test before you make
any purchase.

Proloquo2Go offers a link to Resource Centers in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe.
If your state doesn't list a resource center available
on the above links to borrow or try Proloquo2Go,
consider looking for other resource centers available
in your state.

For example, In Oregon where we live, we have OTAP which stands for Oregon Technology Assistance Program.
OTAP has a Loan Library with numerous augmentative communication devices to borrow on a trial basis.

A perk with having the iPod Touch for Matthew is that
I am able to download kids Apps from itunes to his iPod.

He has always loved "The Three Little Pigs" story.
It's his favorite. Well, last night I spent time exploring
and reading reviews on itunes and I found what I hoped
would be the perfect "Three Little Pigs" story for Matthew.

Happily, I can tell you that it was a huge hit. Matthew
sat in his room last night with his iPod Touch watching
the very adorable Three Little Pigs story written by

He can touch the pigs and they make piggy snorts.
He thinks it's funny and frankly so do I. It's the
greatest feeling to see my child sitting on the floor
of his room actually using an iPod, learning how to
use it from what I am showing him, figuring out things
for himself...and having fun.

Matthew loves books but he doesn't point to pictures
in a regular book when I ask him to find the pig or
ball or apple or other familiar items even though he
knows what a ball, apple, pig and other pictures are.

He is very much a visual + auditory learner. Matthew
has always been motivated by cause and effect toys.
Matthew needs to see a picture, push a button and hear
the word or sound. He also needs this means for
expression of his knowledge.

Now, while using the iPod Touch, he instantly touches
the "pig" when I ask him "Where is the pig?" or
"Touch the pig".

With the iPod Touch, Matthew is not only able to use it
as a augmentative communication 'voice' through the use
of Proloquo2Go but he is also able to learn and express
his knowledge through the use of kids educational
applications or "apps" available for download through

I am excited about this newfound path that will help
Matthew make progress in his educational learning
process. I can't wait to go explore more educational
apps in itunes to meet Matthew's educational needs.

Note: Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum is a congenital defect.
A child who has ACC (or a corpus callosum disorder) is born with it.
Agenesis = missing or absent. Therefore, a child who has ACC is
completely missing their corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is
the largest commissural pathway in the brain consisting of over
200 million nerve fibers and allows for communication between the
two hemispheres of the brain. Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum has
a very broad range of how it can affect a person.

I do not endorse or receive any monetary benefit from Proloquo2Go or other website companies mentioned. The Proloquo2Go and iPod Touch are based solely on my child's own specific needs and were purchased by us through our own out-of-pocket expense.

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  1. Mighty!

    These are some of the best Prolog2 displays that I have ever seen, learning about the application.

    (Especially the 1st one with the categories).

    And the Three Pigs rock.

    If your SLP is up with all the latest technology, it's awesome. Also contact your child's teacher.

    And do watch the videos.


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