Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Advocate Dance

When my baby was four months old
ACC is what I was told.

I was in a state of trance
but very quickly took a stance.

Medical insurance would not pay
for any therapy in any way.

I put on my advocate pants
and I did the Advocate Dance!

Whatever it took I would do
and they would pay, that I knew.

They may have denied his medical care
for absurd reasons that flew through the air.

But I didn't give them a second glance
I kept right on doing the advocate dance.

Physical therapy for my baby began
despite denial by our medical plan.

Letters exchanged and phone calls made
I wouldn't settle until they paid.

Out of pocket we did pay
until that final victory day.

And once upon an advocate time
the insurance paid back every dime.

© Sandie L. Davis 6-2-2010

That is a true story and it really happened
to us when my child, Matthew, who has agenesis
of the corpus callosum, was a baby.

There were many other bumps in the road and
closed doors over the years with medical insurance
and other areas.

However, when you are dealing with matters of
the heart and it concerns your child and
his/her best interest, you find the drive and
determination within you to steamroll those
bumpy places smooth and roll right through the
closed door denials.

Don't ever give up.

You are your child's very best advocate in
the whole world.

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