Monday, October 25, 2010

Interactive Alphabet - ABC Flash Cards

Educational methods and teaching strategies can sometimes
be a challenge when you have a child who has Agenesis of
the Corpus Callosum.

I am always on the search for new ways to help my child,
Matthew, who is completely missing his corpus callosum,
learn through methods that speak directly to his style of

Flashcards, for Matthew, are not an option.

But give him "Flash Cards" that he can see, hear and interact
with and now you speak
his learning language.

You can actually play the Xylophone and hear the musical
sounds by touching each key. My child loves this one and
so do I. Last night I played "twinkle twinkle little star"
on it. Slide your finger from one end of the keys back
to the other end, like Matthew just learned to do, and see
what happens.

Interactive Alphabet - ABC Flash Cards is a new educational
iTunes "app" that is awesome!!

It is a hands-on experience that allows a child to interact
with each letter of the alphabet in a multi-sensory way.

Touch the "Aa" and hear it SAY "A".
Touch the "Aa" again and hear the letter sound.

Touch the word associated with the letter and
HEAR THE WORD out many times as a child
wants and/or needs to hear the word.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, a very common motto
associated with many people who have Agenesis of the
Corpus Callosum.

Touch the picture associated with each word and bring
the word to life right before your eyes, ears and
your fingers. Then watch those fingers want to keep
touching, playing, exploring and learning.

Watch a demo video clip below:

Tt is for TRAIN is a favorite of ours. Touch the train
and it starts moving on the tracks..."chugga chugga chugga".

One improvement I would like to see is that when we use
Interactive Alphabet on the iPod Touch, the tiny before and
after letter choices and the main "ABC" choice located at
the top of the screen do not always stand out well
enough to easily see them on every letter page.

Matthew has some challenges with fine motor control and
he requires some hand-over-hand help to show him what to
touch and when to slide his fingers to make something happen.

Sometimes he moves his finger near the top of the screen
while interacting with the corresponding letter picture and
he accidentally touches the "ABC" main key without
meaning to which abruptly moves him off the screen he
was playing on and sends him back to the main A to Z
letter choice screen. But overall he is doing well using
Interactive Alphabet on his iPod Touch with his iMainGo
2 speaker case

I am extremely impressed with this Interactive Alphabet
app, so much so that the first night I purchased the "app" I
found myself acting like a kid eagerly touching letters and

I zipped the ZIPPER up and down and up and down, hearing
the zip zip zipping sound each time, then touched the
TRAIN, with Matthew, and watched and heard it chugga
chugga along the tracks with an added interactive
"woo woo" from my child, Matthew.

On Sunday my child and I played with Interactive Alphabet
together and we loved every ABC minute of it. We shared
our own imaginative interactive fun on top of the built-in
action that is part of the game. For example, the
"Rr is for ROBOT" page became even more fun when I turned
into Mommy Robot and said:

*in robot voice*

"Math-You touch the word ROBOT".
"I am Mom-Me Row-Bot, You are Math-You Row-Bot.
We are Row-Bots".
"R" "rrrr" "rrrr" Rowwwwww-Bot"

He signed the word "more" several times to keep Mommy
Robot activated and he also touched the word "ROBOT"
when I would ask him in a robot voice to find the word!!
It was an amazingly fun time!!

Another one of his favorite letters to interact with is
"Dd for Dinosaur". He imitated the noise the dinosaur
makes and did this over and over.

After a little hand-over-hand help from me, Matthew
mastered the "Zz is for ZIPPER" and was zipping it
up and down.....Zippity, Ziiiiiip, ZIP!

It's wonderful watching my child interact with a
motivational teaching tool that is helping him learn.

Interactive Alphabet by Piikea Street is fantastic FUN!!

Choose the option of having 1 of 3 different musical tunes
playing in the background during the interactive fun or
choose no music at all.

This "app" is one that I know we will be using a lot and
I can envision using it with my child in a variety of
educational ways to help him learn to find letters of the
alphabet and words too. I anticipate it might even help
and encourage him to improve his fine motor skills.

Buy Now in iTunes App Store

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What are your child's favorite learning "apps"?


  1. Just thought I'd share, just got an ipod touch and have been looking for educational fun apps for my "normal" non-acc daughter (18 month old has c-acc), and remembered your post; this app is currently onsale for 99 cents! grabbing it up quick!

  2. Jessica, Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment and let others know that this educational app is on sale for .99 cents! That's a GREAT deal! I hope that your daughter has lots of fun learning her ABCs. Thanks to your helpful comment, I am going to update this blog post and make note of this .99 cent limited time sale price.


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