Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cherished Moments...

Today I was sitting quietly in another room
in our home when I heard laughter and the
everyday goings on of playfulness taking
place between my husband and our child in our
child's room.

But then my attention was completely captured when
I heard the voice of my husband saying to his child...

"I have this little boy...he's so sweet
I think he's made out of candy."

and Matthew giggles filled the room and my heart
danced with pure, sweet joy.

I am forever blessed and touched to have heard that
and I am so thankful for my loving husband and our
"sweet as candy" child, Matthew.


  1. Love this!!
    Happy Thanksgiving Sandie!
    Love, Kelly

  2. Kelly, Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes. We had a nice, quiet family of 3
    at home celebration. I hope that you and your family had a lovely and very Happy Thanksgiving.

    Love, Sandie
    P.S. Did Violet try any new tastes of foods?

  3. Thanks Sandie! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving that I will be blogging about eventually : ).

    Funny that you ask about food and Violet. (I will be blogging about that too) So, she doesn't want anything to do with baby food right now. She really wants to pick food up and feed herself or try and use the spoon to feed herself. On one hand this is of course fantastic...what independence and stubbornness, on the other hand it makes it very difficult to feed her prunes which she so desperately needs. She is not a good (pooper) and needs the help...
    So on Thanksgiving she had dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes and a taste of cranberry. It's funny because I would have NEVER just given Mahaela bites of whatever. I followed what the baby food book said to the letter. Always waiting 4 days before trying a new food and always pureeing it before giving it to her.
    Maybe it's a mix of second baby syndrome and Violet's personality demanding to be treated like her sister...all I know is that Violet let's us know what she wants and there is no forcing her to do anything unless she wants to. Her personality is larger than life!

    I am still looking forward to us getting together. Unfortunately we are all sick with colds...which we've had for almost a month now. But, when we're well....

    Love, Kelly

  4. That is such a dear thing for your husband to say. I bet Matthew got lots of the sweetness from you!

    Love, bree


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