Monday, August 17, 2009

Invitation for Adults with ACC

Meet Adults with ACC Stories

If you are an adult who has ACC or a corpus
callosum disorder, I invite you to share
your own personal story on this ACC blog.

I am the mom of Matthew. He is 15 years old
and he has complete ACC. He was diagnosed
with ACC at four months old by a CT scan.

In April of 2009 I created this ACC blog.
I wanted to create a site that could offer
positive information, teaching tools, etc
and an interactive place where other people
could post comments and give their own
valuable and insightful information in an
effort to help others.

One of the topics that was created is:

Meet Adults With ACC

Lynnea, the person who founded ACC Awareness
Association, Inc. (ACCAA), and who also
created a wonderful ACC Message Board forum,
very graciously wrote her own personal story
about life with ACC and shared it on this
ACC blog in June.

I can tell you that Lynnea's story sparked
the interest of MANY people who read
(and continue to read) it. Her story is
especially helpful and insightful to parents
who have a child with ACC but is equally as
helpful in reaching out to other adults who
have ACC and helps give teachers a much better
understanding of ACC (as seen through the
eyes of a grown adult) what it was like as
a child with ACC in school. The ways in
which your own story can reach other people
is endless...

If you are an adult who has Agenesis of
the Corpus Callosum or a corpus callosum
disorder, I invite you to tell your story
so that others can gain insight and see
through your very own perspective what it
is like to have ACC, to read your own personal
struggles, your accomplishments and whatever
else you may choose to share about yourself.

If you are an adult with ACC who is interested
in sharing your own personal story on this
Agenesis Corpus Callosum blog please send me
an E-Mail.

Here are some things to consider including
when writing your own story that give insightful
and extremely valuable information to other
people who will read it:

When did you find out that you have ACC? How old?

What did you struggle with in school?

What did you enjoy most and do well at in school?

Did you struggle with social skills in school?

Did you make friends easily in school?

Do you still struggle today with social skills
as an adult?

Did you attend a mainstream classroom?

Did you receive Special Ed resource help?

Can you ride a bike and drive a car?

Did you attend college? Did you get a degree?

Do you have a job and if so what do you do?

Are you married? Single?

Do you have children?

How does ACC affect you today as an adult?

What do you enjoy doing the most in life...
What are you passionate about?

Do you have a specific goal or dream that you are passionate about and would like to achieve?

And, if any of you would like to read Lynnea's can read it below:

Meet Lynnea - An Adult with ACC

Thank you again, Lynnea, for sharing such a
wonderful story. *hug*

If you are the parent of a child with ACC or
someone else reading this who is interested in
reading and learning more about the perspective
of an adult who has ACC please show your interest
and encouragement (by posting a reply here) and
let the adults who have ACC know HOW
MEANINGFUL, helpful and insightful their stories
are and how interested you are to hear their own
personal story.

For those of you interested in viewing the
ACC Message Board you can find it here.

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  1. My husband has Agcc and has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 63 . I am unsure what the future holds


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