Monday, January 11, 2010

Music, Motivation & Mentor

A very heartfelt story was shared several months
ago by the mom of, Kevin, a boy who has complete
Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum in the ACC-Listserv
support group I belong to. With her permission
I am posting it here:

"Just wanted to share something with all of you. Kevin
has always been interested in music. He tried playing
in the band when he was in the seventh grade, but after
a semester, his band director took aside and told us
that he was not able to play in the band. He said that
he just didn't have enough coordination to master the
instrument. We had been told by his drs. that
this was probably going to be true when he was diagnosed
at 8 yrs. old. So, we weren't surprised. His twin
brother played the tuba all through high school and
Kevin started being the football trainer and continued
all through high school. Casey, his twin, is not C-ACC
like Kevin.

Casey became interested in playing the guitar when
he was in high school and got pretty good at it by
teaching himself. Kevin wanted his brother to teach
him how to play also. But Casey didn't spend a lot
of time teaching him and got very frustrated. so that
was ended quickly. Now at 22 yrs. old Kevin met a
friend that is in a band who is looking for a guitar
player. He told Kevin that if he wanted to join he
would teach him to play. The first advice he gave him
was to buy a left-handed guitar. He started giving
Kevin lessons once a week. He has been teaching him
for about 3 months now. I heard Kevin playing the
guitar in his room today and he was excellent! He
has surpassed his brother's guitar skills. What a
thrill it was to listen to him play.

Moral of the Story: Never limit what your child
cannot accomplish because a dr. said it wasn't
possible. I am definitely guilty of that. But I am
working on it."

Cherry, mom to Kevin, C-ACC, 22, Casey 22, and David, 26

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