Friday, January 15, 2010

Sign Language--My First Signs

This is a favorite sign language video of my
child, Matthew, who has complete Agenesis of
the Corpus Callosum.

We have owned the Baby Einstein-My First Signs
DVD for several years and I like it as much
as Matthew does.

Even though this video demonstrates and teaches
beginning signs and Matthew knows a lot of them
he still chooses this video and loves watching

Part of the video is set to classical music.
Plus Baby Einstein-My First Signs DVD gives you
the option to learn sign language in English,
French or Spanish

What I love about this particular sign language
video is that Marlee Matlin, Actress from the
Children of a Lesser God demonstrates
each sign. Marlee Matlin, as most of you know,
is deaf. She is quite expressive in speaking
with her eyes and her whole body as she brings
to life and demonstrates each sign being taught.
I loved learning sign language from this video.

Baby Einstein-My First Signs DVD is divided into
four categories:

Meal Time
Bed Time

and teaches 16 words:

kiss, mommy, daddy, baby, milk, cereal,
eat, drink, play, help, friend, ball,
sleep, bath, story, blanket.

See for yourself:

Check out your local library to borrow the DVD
or you can purchase it new or used from Amazon.
You can also find it at a local store near you.

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  1. Another great video for learning signs is by the Brainy Baby company called Talking Hands. They also have two other videos that were a great help to my grandson, who has c-acc, when he was a baby. They are called "Right Brain" and "Left Brain". Each focuses on those things that are part of that hemisphere's dominance> We watched both videos each day with my grandson and his pedi neuro feels that has contributed a great deal to his development.

  2. Hello! I'm so glad to have found your blog! My 3 yr old son has ACC. As well as a few other things. He doesn't have a collective diagnosis. He is non-verbal and is in a wheelchair. It's been a very difficult journey. But it is truly wonderful to "meet" other families that "get it."

    Love, Bree


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