Friday, June 8, 2012

iPad protective case--with amplified speakers

We contemplated getting an iPad for our son, Matthew, who has agenesis of the corpus callosum.

I knew that if we got an iPad for him, we would also need to have a protective case--one that would meet his needs. So....I spent lots of time researching all kinds -- from simple to more elaborate cases for the iPad and I read lots of other parent's reviews (who have a child with special needs). I had a few choices in mind, for my son, that I liked.

In the meantime, we decided to borrow an iPad for our son BEFORE making the decision to buy.

When Matthew was in public school, I became aware that, in Oregon, we have access to a place called OTAP (Oregon Technology Access Program).

OTAP is located in Roseburg, Oregon and they have a Loan Library that offers a variety of technology equipment from speech-communication devices, to adaptive toys, to a variety of miscellaneous items.

Now here's the cool part. You can borrow equipment from OTAP for one month
for free to try it in your home! Yes, it's true and it's fantastic!

I do want to add that some expensive items you borrow (for example: some communication devices) may require you to take out insurance when sending them back. So please be sure to ask before you borrow something on loan so you know, upfront ahead of time, about any costs you might incur due to insuring an item for it's return back to OTAP.

"OTAP services are available to anyone concerned with the needs of Oregon's children with disabilities from birth to age twenty-one."

OTAP has an iPad (Item #256) in their lending library so we eagerly filled out the form and were on our way to borrowing it for Matthew!

When the iPad arrived, we discovered that it came housed inside
(one of the cases that I had been researching) the iAdapter case!

I was instantly sold!

[the iAdapter 2 case] was exactly what we were looking for in a protective case for our son, to meet his needs.

Plus, the iPad that we borrowed from OTAP came fully loaded with many educational apps and speech-communication apps (like Proloquo2Go, and TouchChat and others) to try.

After our free one month trial of the iPad with our son, we made the decision to go ahead and purchase an iPad2 AND the iAdapter 2 case.

iPad + iAdapter case = a perfect match

We purchased the iAdapter 2 case directly from AMDI (Advanced Multimedia Devices, Inc.). We paid $265.00. We love the iAdapter2 for the iPad2. They also make an iAdapter for the original iPad.

What we especially love about the iAdapter is:

1. It has built-in speakers so it amplifies the sound/volume of the iPad2, making it easier to hear when you are out in public, in a noisy restaurant or other loud environment, (or for a child in a school classroom or lunchroom, etc.)

2. It has a slide switch that covers up the 'home' button on the iPad blocking the child/user from continually pushing it and leaving the program they are working on.
3. It has a great carry handle (easy to pick up and carry around)

Did I mention that we ♥ it? ;)

For more information and a visual view of the iAdapter, watch the video below:

*Note: please be advised the video is from a different company in the United Kingdom (and is not AMDI)

Matthew's new case manager through Brokerage (a service that supports adults with developmental disabilties) was at our home last week for a home meeting with us and when she saw Matthew using his iPad, she eagerly explored the iAdapter case and said she really liked it. I told her that I would send her more information about it through e-mail, which I did. She informed me that she has several people who could use the iAdapter case for the iPad.

I thought that because we love the iAdapter for Matthew's iPad2, and it instantly caught the eye of his case manager who really likes it, I would share it here with anyone who might want to explore it more.

And, if you know about (or have borrowed from) a lending library in your state, please consider sharing that information here by leaving a comment (or send me an e-mail) because it could help someone else become aware of a very valuable resource. Thank you very much.

*Note: After we purchased the iPad2 for our son, I found AVPlayerHD, a great app that allows me to easily upload and convert videotapes of his music therapy sessions  (from my camera)  to his iPad2!

What protective case do you use for your child's iPad?

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