Monday, June 22, 2009

ACC & Challenges

Because Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum
or partial ACC has such a broad range
of how it may affect a person there is
no prognosis for what to expect when
you are diagnosed with ACC.

There are some common things that
tend to SOMETIMES be difficulties or
challenges for people who have ACC.

Some of those challenges can be:

Reading Comprehension - some kids and
adults learn to read but they have a
very difficult time and struggle with
remembering what they read or being
able to answer questions about what
they just read.

Handwriting and Taking Notes - some
kids and adults find it very difficult
to use handwriting as an effective way
to express their thoughts. They do much
better if they are given the ability to
type out their thoughts. They say that
it slows them down if they have to try
to put into words on paper what is in
their thoughts. Some kids in school use
what is called an Alphasmart to type
rather than write.

Math - some kids struggle with learning
math. Finding a teaching method can be
a challenge and A LOT of repetition to
learn math is required.

Social Skills - some kids and adults
take things very literally and don't
always understand the humor, irony or
wordplay in something that someone
says. They may have a difficult time
reading social cues. Often times, kids
with ACC are bullied at school and
have a very hard time making friends
and learning how to socialize with
kids their own age.

A LOT of Repetition to learn something -
this is something that is mentioned
frequently by many parents of kids who
have agenesis of the corpus callosum.
Learning something new requires a lot
of repetition before the skill is
finally learned.

Headaches - some kids and adults have
very bad headaches and even migraines.

Problems Recalling Information - knowing
something but not being able to get the
right words out.

Learning to Ride a Two Wheel Bike -
this can be a huge challenge for many
people with ACC. Some who have ACC learn
to ride a two wheel bike and some are
not able to ride a two wheel bike.

Learning to Drive a Car - some people
with ACC are not able to learn how to
drive a car. The ability to properly
judge distance and lack of depth
perception may be reasons for this.
Some people with ACC do get their
drivers license though and are able
to drive a car.

Tying Shoes - learning to tie shoes
for someone who has ACC can take a
very long time to learn.

Playing Sports like Baseball - with the
inability to judge distance and lack of
depth perception, some people with ACC
are not able to play sports like baseball
due to the threat of serious injuries to

These are just a few things that some
people with Agenesis of the Corpus
Callosum have in common.

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