Monday, June 15, 2009

A Fairy Tale

there was a mom and she stayed at home to
take care of her little boy who she loved
very much.

Each day when other kids who lived near them
went off to school, the mom of the little boy
watched those other children and wished that
her own boy could go to school with all the
other kids.

The little boy was big enough to go to school
but the school didn't allow kids who were
different like him.

The school did not allow kids who did not walk
or talk or kids who had a lot of trouble learning.

So the mom would sigh and watch the other kids
go off to school each day knowing that her child
could learn if only he were given the opportunity.

The little boy and his mom had fun together at home.
But always in the mom's heart was a desire to help
her child learn to do things that other kids could

Not only could this beautiful little boy not go to
school but he also could not get any help from
therapists to build his muscles and make them
stronger so he could learn to walk. He and his mom
were left on their own to just do their best together.

Well, one day the mom woke up and she had an idea.

She was going to help her child. So she traveled
and took some classes to learn how to do therapy
exercises. It cost her a great deal of money but
she could no longer just sit there and accept that
nobody was willing to help them.

The mom worked very hard and she learned all kinds
of new exercises to help her little boy build his
muscles so he could get stronger and use his body

The little boy's mom was so excited to be able to
use her newfound skills and help her child. Her
heart was happy.

The mom took a seemingly sour situation and she
turned it into something sweet and offered it to
her child.

But that mom did not stop there.

She remembered the other parents who also had
a child like her own that lived near her. She
wanted to reach out and help other kids and teach
their parents what she learned so they could also
help their own children.

So the mom sought out and found a little room in
a building that she could fix up and decorate and
then she opened the doors and welcomed the other
parents to bring their kids who had many challenges.

The little boy's mom made up a full pitcher of
sweet delight and then she offered it to other
children in her community who, like her own child,
were not welcome to go to school because they had
physical challenges and developmental delays. The
little boy's mom taught the parents what she
learned so they could help their own kids.

One mom who had one beautiful child dared to
dream a little dream come true and she made the
world of her own child and many other children in
his same situation a whole lot brighter.


This fairy tale happens to be a true story.

It is about a very real mom and her very real
boy. Her boy has Agenesis of the Corpus
Callosum. Their family lives in a place where
children with challenges are not offered the
luxuries of attending school or receiving

I had the pleasure once upon a time ago of
corresponding with this mom and she touched my
heart forever. I will never forget her or the
story she shared with me.

Because of this one mom I will never take for
granted that my own child, who has Agenesis
of the Corpus Callosum, IS allowed to attend
school with other kids and can receive physical
therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy
and many other wonderful therapies and services
to help him.

Moral of the Story:

If you put your heart into a sour situation
you can turn it into something very sweet...

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