Friday, May 8, 2009

ACC & Education

What is it? Maybe some of you are familiar with it.
If you aren’t already aware of it
is a wonderful and free website to help children
learn their letters, letter sounds and learn to read.
It is even helping my own child, Matthew, learn to
sort with fun little games that come at the end of
some of the ABC letters he clicks on. was recommended by my child,
Matthew’s, Speech-Language Pathologist a year
or so ago. At the time I didn’t pursue it actively
and I actually forgot about it.

I was reminded recently by another mom who has
two children who both have Agenesis of the
Corpus Callosum (who also homeschools her
children) about so I decided to sit
down and take a closer look at the website again
and I am delighted and excited about all that offers, at no cost, to help children
learn their letters and learn to read.

When you homeschool (like I do) it can be a
challenge to find the right teaching materials
for your child when you have a child who is
developmentally delayed globally so when you
find something that works and find out it’s
Free…well I tip my hat to and say
thank you very much.

At there are four main sections:

1. ABCs
2. Learn to Read
3. It’s Fun to Read
4. I’m Reading

There are other activities as well.

My child, Matthew, who has Agenesis of the Corpus
Callosum, is playing and learning in the ABC’s
section and he is making progress with his letters
and sounds. It’s fun. It’s free!

What do I like about ABC’s?

It’s as easy as


And since M is for Matthew, one of
Matthew’s favorites is “mask” and what comes
after it…

Because each child is unique in terms of how they
learn and what speaks to them why not have a look
for yourself…and explore it with your child. It
just might be a new teaching tool that works for
your child: ABCs

And be sure to check out the other sections as well.

You can read more about I just learned
for the first time just this moment that
was founded by a poet that I have liked for quite
some time.

Are you already aware of and using for
your own child? Why not post a comment and let
others know how it has helped your child make

If you have a child who has Agenesis of the Corpus
Callosum or a corpus callosum disorder, if you’re a
family member, a Teacher of a child who has ACC or
somebody who works with a child who has ACC or
you yourself have ACC and you have discovered a
teaching tool or method that helps, we’d all love
to hear about it. I encourage and invite you to
click on “comments” below and tell us what it is
because what you share may very well be the very
thing that will help another child or even several
other kids who have Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum.

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