Monday, May 18, 2009

A Time For Every Season

Just as there is a time for each season
there is also an expected time for when
a baby will meet certain milestones in
their development.

Sometimes when you have a child with
Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum (or a
corpus callosum disorder) you may feel
like you are spending an eternity in one
particular season waiting and waiting,
hoping and praying while you’re waiting…
and WAITING for your baby/child to
learn something…something that so very
often comes easily and naturally right on
schedule, or perhaps only a month or so
late, with many babies/children.

Progress for your baby/child with their
developmental milestones can sometimes
come so slowly that it becomes difficult to
focus on anything else or see past it. All
you see around you are other babies your
baby’s age or even younger sitting up, your
friend’s babies crawling already, toddlers
running and talking their beautiful baby
words to their mommies. It can be so
emotionally painful.

For me with my own child, Matthew, who has
complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum,
there were very long periods of what felt
like an eternity of waiting for milestones…
waiting for progress. His learning period
crept along at the pace of a snail much of
the time but even so he kept on trying.

When he did finally make progress and
learned to do something we had worked and
worked on, the happiness and joy of his
accomplishment was all too often stolen away
with yet another mountain awaiting us right
around the corner.

The jumping for joy in celebration of
achieving a milestone (or even achieving a
very small and beautiful accomplishment) is
all too often brief…as your vision becomes
clouded and your focus is yet again shifted
back on another mountain rather than the
joyful ray of sunlight in all it’s
brilliant glory.

Your focus is so important and becomes a
monumental factor in terms of how you are
able to keep on keeping on despite those
mountains, those dark clouds, those emergency
room visits, those 911 rides in the ambulance,
those surgeries, those endless months of
waiting, those years of wondering and
waiting and all of those things that you
are facing in the particular season that
you are in right now with your own child.

What is it that you are focusing on?

Amidst all of the struggles and challenges that
your baby or child may be facing it can be all
too easy to become entangled in them and lose
sight of celebrating the glorious victories…So,
open those curtains, pull up the shades, let the
sun shine in in all it’s big, bright and beautiful
glory! And, for goodness sake do NOT put on
dark glasses and block out those incredibly,
gorgeous rays of sun…not even the smallest
little ray.

See (and look for) each and every precious and
tiny accomplishment that your baby/child makes
and allow yourself to celebrate, take joy in and
bask in all the beauty of it.

No matter what season you and your baby/child
are in at this particular time…always look for
the sun.

Look for the smallest ray of light and let it
shine through brightly! Take that one beautiful
ray of sunlight and put your focus on all it’s
lovely potential.

Where is your focus today?

On the mountains…..

Or the sun.

~When my child, Matthew, was a baby, a toddler
and very young pre-school child, the waiting
period for learning and achieving a goal was
painfully slow. As he got a little older he began
to learn something new more easily without such
long intervals of waiting between each new skill.~

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