Sunday, May 10, 2009

MOMS are Special

May all of you Moms enjoy this day…each beautiful
moment of it from sunrise to sunset.

And, Happy Mother's Day to my own Mom.
Love You. :)

My heart’s desire was to be a Mom. It is
what I always wanted, dreamed of, hoped for
and planned but it didn’t go according to
my plan and instead I walked, not always
willingly, down the extremely painful
path of infertility for many years. God
gave me my heart’s desire and fulfilled His
promise of giving a childless wife a child
so that she becomes a happy mother.

Matthew, our “Gift of God”, entered this world
on October 1, 1993 in a hospital room and was
handed to his Mother to hold him and then he
was gently handed to the woman who was standing
at his Mother’s side, the woman who at that
moment became a Mom for the first time and was
chosen by Matthew’s ‘birth’ mother and by God’s
divine hand and guidance to be that beautiful
and precious baby boy’s Mom.

We thank Matthew’s ‘birth’Mom for blessing our
lives with Matthew and for allowing us to be his
parents. She has a very special place in our

Matthew will always and forever have two Moms
who love him very, very much…and a daddy too.

*says a very special, heartfelt prayer for all
the women who are yearning and longing to become
a mom*

He gives children to the childless wife, so
that she becomes a happy mother.

~Psalms 113:9

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