Saturday, May 2, 2009

ACC & Educational Teaching Tools

Every child with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum is not alike in terms of how they learn and what they might struggle with. As convenient as it would be to pull a 'How to Teach a Child with ACC' book off the shelf and have the exact magical miracle teaching method at your just doesn't exist yet. What does exist is good old-fashioned roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking caps, pay close attention to that child and what motivates that child and offer as many teaching tools and methods as it takes until something works. Oh, and one other very important ingredient is essential to that equation...
P A T I E N C E.

In my previous post I said I would share some of the educational tools that I have found helpful for my child, Matthew. So take a look and keep in mind that every child is different and what works well for one child doesn't work so well for another child.

Living Books Interactive Animated Stories CD Roms

I discovered Living Books when I was searching for teaching tools online. After much reading online, exploring websites that sold Living Books and reading reviews I became aware that our local library has several Living Books Interactive stories on CD Rom to borrow. Well, BINGO! It worked and Living Books are a big hit with Matthew. He took to them immediately and wants to read the Living Books stories everyday on the computer. One of Matthew's Favorites is "Arthur's Birthday". There are several other Living Books stories on CD Rom:

Dr. Seuss's ABC
Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs & Ham
The Tortoise and the Hare
Mercer Mayer's Just Grandma and Me
Arthur's Reading Race
Mercer Mayer's Little Monster at School
Arthur's Computer Adventure
Arthur's Teacher Trouble - story and spelling pages

What do we love about Living Books?

These animated storybooks on computer give a child the option to have the entire book read to them or they may choose the Play feature which gives the child the opportunity to listen to each page of the story as it is read to them and then they may click on anything on the page and watch that object come alive, hear that character talk, listen to dishes sing silly songs, etc.

In addition the child can click on any word in the story and have the word read aloud. They can also click on the beginning of the words to hear the entire page read aloud again.

The possibilities are endless in terms of how you can approach teaching methods with your child as well as allowing your child to explore, discover and go at his or her own pace.

Having the option to play in the story keeps their attention and makes it fun.

Af first Matthew would only click on the pictures and characters once the page was read but now he is clicking away on words and even finding words when I ask him where a certain word is.

If you think that Living Books Animated Stories on CD Rom may be worth trying be sure to check and see if you can borrow them from your local library to test them out. Then if you end up wanting to purchase one or more of the Living Books Animated Interactive Stories on CD Rom check out ebay. I was able to purchase the CD Roms through ebay and a few other online places for much less and I even bought a couple of them gently used for a few dollars.

I will add more educational teaching tools over the next few weeks that I have discovered to be positive and successful learning methods for my child, Matthew.

Have you found something educational that helps your child with ACC? Please feel free to post a comment and share what it is.

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