Friday, May 1, 2009

BEFORE You Buy...Check Your Library!

When I began homeschooling Matthew I knew that his greatest strength and best method of learning was to use the computer and educational computer software for young children.

Well, it's expensive and can often times result in a
waste of money if you purchase a few educational
software CD Roms that you think your child may like
based on the package details and some reviews
online only to find that your child shows no interest in it whatsoever.

Check out your local library. They have much more than just books and it's a wonderful way to try something (or in my case...MANY somethings) BEFORE you find one or two educational software CD Roms that your child really likes.

If Matthew takes a huge interest in something we borrow from the library and he is learning and using that book or CD Rom or music CD then I will sometimes choose to purchase it for him so we have the learning tools at our fingertips anytime he wants to use them.

I have also found that when I am ready to buy a teaching tool for Matthew's education I can often times find it much cheaper online and through ebay.

Every child with ACC is different in how it may affect
their ability to learn and there is just no proven and
tested method for teaching a child who has a corpus
callosum disorder.

Have patience, explore many different learning
avenues and teaching tools with your child and
definitely check out your local library. You'll
be amazed at what you will find there. I have
even had my own local library order some things
that I really wanted that they didn't have! Wow!
How great is that?

This weekend I will post some educational items that have been very helpful for my child, Matthew, who has ACC.

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  1. Good advice! I always forget about the library, though I used it all the time for resources back in school.


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