Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday when Matthew was eating his cereal at breakfast we were watching the public television station PBS Kids (like we always do).

At the end of "Clifford" a short music segment appeared and it caught the attention of both of us. In fact, Matthew stopped eating to stare at the TV for the entire song and so did Mom.

I instantly fell in love with this adorable little ditty called "Josephine Jellybean" she has a rhyming machine, it can make anything rhyme...sung by a guy with a guitar. And Matthew...well, he was mesmerized.

I was on a mission to find out how I could get this song or find out more so I called our local television station and was informed that the singer is from SteveSongs and he has his own website.

He also told me that Steve is a really nice guy too and is quick on his feet and able to improvise. I then questioned if Steve is a local artist but was told Steve is back East and that PBS put out a casting call for a singer to do fill-in segments between their television shows on PBS Kids and Steve got the job.

Well, let me tell you...Steve's got my attention and
my admiration too.

While this is not the original song that I spoke about it is a song worth hearing:

I like sunny days and someone who knows how to put a little sunshine in someone else's day...

My child, Matthew, likes...balls and computers and
he likes watching this video song so much that he's
signing "ball", singing his own "ah ya ya ya ya's"
and when it was over he signed "more" :)

You can find more information about SteveSongs, his DVD
and CDs at his website. You can also find other PBS Kids SteveSongs video clips on YouTube. The original song "Josephine Jellybean" is there but not uploaded from PBS Kids and a bit blurry.

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